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Sleep Research

Dr Morrison has an interest in the diagnosis and classification of complex sleep disorders, particularly non-REM parasomnias. He collaborates with colleagues in the Department of Sleep Medicine in Edinburgh and also the Department of Psychiatry in NHS Tayside.

He is also a named collaborator in a number of projects that include obstructive sleep apnoea, narcolepsy and REM behaviour disorder.

He has published extensively in sleep medicine.

Publications include:

RUMBOLD J, MORRISON I, RIHA R Criminal Law and Parasomnias: Some Legal Clarifications. J Clin Sleep Med. 2016 Aug 15;12(8):1197-8.
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Latest Sleep News

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Epilepsy and general neurology research

Dr Morrison is developing several research programmes to investigate the epidemiology of epilepsy and to improve the recognition and management of patients with epilepsy.
He has attracted over £100,000 in research funding so far to develop an integrated database between the tertiary and primary care.

Other publications include:


RUPP A, MORRISON I, HALSTEAD SK, TOWNSON KH, GREENSHIELDS KN, WILLISON HJ, Motor nerve terminal destruction and recovery following anti-ganglioside and complement mediated injury: an in-vivo and ex-vivo experimental imaging study in the mouse Experimental Neurology 2012 Feb;233(2):836-48
MORRISON I., RAZVI SSM, METCALFE RA, DUNCAN R, External and internal ophthalmoplegia, facial diplegia, ataxia and exaggerated deep tendon reflexes associated with anti-GQ1b antibodies: a new variant of acute ophthalmoparesis. Scottish Medical Journal (2010) Vol. 55(1)
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MORRISON I., HALSTEAD,S.K., O'HANLON,G.M., HUMPHREYS,P.D., GOODFELLOW,J.A., PLOMP,J.J., WILLISON,H.J An anti-disialosyl antibody causing perisynaptic Schwann cell death at mouse neuromuscular junctions. J. Per. Nerv. Syst 2005 10:64
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